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Yes machinery has a range of vertical storage systems SPAZIOMATIC which is indispensable to organize and optimize the sheet metal storage and bars storage in UAE. We are offering reliable and economical automatic storage methods sheet storage, bar storage and welding positioners in Dubai, UAE.

Spaziomatic for bars storage is the most recent product in our vertical automatic storage system range and presents the same flexibility, speed, automation and safety characteristics which distinguish all our automatic storage systems. This automatic storage system consists of two opposed towers, with central elevator and front loading and unloading. Yes machinery offer a range of automatic storage systems for profiles varying in length between 4000 and 7000 mm (157 and 276 in) and between 700 and 900 mm (28 and 35 in) in width. The standard capacity of each drawer can be 1500 or 3000 kg. A special software permits not only an easy and direct automatic handling of all the operations concerning the deposit and withdrawal of the material, but also a neat management of the stock.

Spaziomatic for sheet metal plates: with a single or double tower. It is used to store packs of sheet metal plates. With the aid of an elevator actuated by gearmotor and chains, the pack is quickly handled from the inside of the structure to the inlet/outlet of the storage system and vice versa. Our welding positioner provides better weld seam accessibility creating increased deposition rates.



  • Automated storage and retrieval system
  • Reliable and economical solutions to their storage facilities, material transportation and handling needs.
  • Dense storage, fast pick-up and delivery, and quiet operation


  • Saves a lot of time
  • Help storing the sheets safely
  • Easy recall of the stored items as per need
  • Effective utilization of available shop floor space
  • Ease of operation
  • Convenience to the operator.