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Our client  is a major manufacturer of light and medium weight wheeled military vehicles. Based in the United Arab Emirates,they are in to service with Armed Forces across the MENA region and have a reputation for versatility, ruggedness and performance. With a complete in-house design capability and modern production facilities, they provide a total solution to meet defence needs.

They had several types of positioners in use previously but they were highly time consuming, improper functioning of welding and rotation  of the machine thereby causing high stress on the labor. YES team suggested our Sideros Engineering Head & Tailstock Positioners which  are used to weld and assembly long and large weldments in many different application fields. Besides the benefits of ergonomics and safety during welding and assembly applications, the revolutionary feature of Syncrolift is the compactness and the portability of both columns, thanks to their dedicated hydraulic jacks. The result is an extreme flexibility in the factory.

Our client requested for customized design which we were able to offer successfully and they were extremely happy with the performance.

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