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Electric Tugs / Carts

Zally’s is the pioneer in offering logistics solutions for varying requirements related to wheeled loads through their range of professional electric vehicles. They have the widest range of utility electric tuggers, electric carts, electric trolleys, electric warehouse scooters available. With the widest range available on the world market, our electric solutions find their application in airports, hospitals, retail distribution, food processing, tourism, hotels, golf & resorts, farms, construction and production companies implementing the lean system. Apart from this, we can also offer customized solutions to your needs.

Product Ranges

M12 - Electric tug

M12 - Electric Hitch

M3 - Electric Cart Mover

R5 - Hydrulic Titling System

BRIO - Electric Wheelbarrow

DDM - Personel Carrier

K5- Order Picker

M15 - Flatble Electric Cart

JESPI L - Platform Electric Cart

D1 - Electric Wheel Barrow

HS4 - Platform Electric Cart

JACK 900W - Electric Burden Carrier

JACK L - With Trolley

M6.5 - Electric Tug

M8 - Electric Transporter

M9 - Electric Cart Mover

M11 - Electric Hitch


R7 - Technology and Hydrulics

S1 1200 W