Electric Torque Screw Driver

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 electric torque screw drivers in Dubai, UAE Kolver 2017 Catalogue

Electric Torque Screw Driver represents wide range of electric screw drivers for torque setting, and this torque setting is important in assembly of any products. Innovative electric motor coupled with planetary gear boxes producing extremely low inertia and minimal friction for long life, and very accurate torque production.

Key Features

  • An ultra-low torque range of 1–15 Ncm.
  • RPM: ranges from 350–700 rpm
  • DC current controlled low inertia, low voltage ironless motor
  • Autos reverse setting with adjustable speed and adjustable torque.
  • Adjustable Brake (slow speed) time and Adjustable Ramp (slow start) time.
  • Unscrew lockout capability.


  • Automotive industry
  • Panel board manufacturing
  • Assembly lines
  • Electronic device manufacturing industry