Nozzle Welders & Circle Burners

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Circle Burners Oxy-Fuel

CWI manufatures oxy-fuel circle burners which are used burn holes on the pressure vessels / pipes .Rb-2500 circle burner - is self-supprting with a manually operated magnetic base, and may be moved around. The torch movement is controlled by a mechanical cam allowing it to adjust to the curvature of the vessel. The machine can cut diameters from 1 ½" to 42" beveled cut holes and 4" to 42" square cut holes (streight no bevel).

Nozzle Welders

We have two models covering a range from 1" to 50" od with rise & fall cam action to follow the curvature of a vessel or pipe. The machine can work with welding process like MIG, FCAW and SAW.

The machine are equiped with mters, torche angle adjustors, flux hopper w/gate valve, heavy duty horizontal and vertical adjestment wire reel assy.(rw-1500 12" apools and rw-2000 - 60lb coils).

Rotation controls are solid state and provide clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation.

Model rw-1500 circle welder rated at 500 amps 100% duty cycle welding fia 4" to 18" (25 to 457mm) od. wire sizes .035 to 5/64 (.8 to 2mm) on 12" od spools

Model rw-2000 circle welder rated at 700 amps 100% duty cycle. Welding dia. 4" to 18" (25 to 457mm) od, wire sizes 1/16 to 5/32 (1.6 to 4.0 mm) on 60 lb coils

The 3-jaw spider chucks are design for use with Nozzle Welders RW-1500 and RW-2000 to help eliminate set up time by automatically centering the Nozzle Welder on the nozzle. By simply dropping the chuck into the nozzle , expanding the arms out, bolting the machine to the chuck, and then timing the cam you are ready to weld. The are three sizes of 3-Jaw Spider Chuck medels available, 8" to 16", 10" to 24" and 10" to 42"