An Overview of Laser Welding Machine and its Applications

An Overview of Laser Welding Machine and its Applications

    With the emergence of the most recent laser generation technologies, the laser welding machines and laser welding technology have become very popular. Laser welding machines provide a revolutionary way of joining metal surfaces without causing damage to the materials. Laser welding is a precise process in which the metal parts are fused using a beam of laser light.

    According to its working mode, it is divided into laser mode welding machines, automatic laser welding machines, laser spot welding machines and optical fibre transmission laser welding machines.

    Features of Laser welding Machine

    A laser welding machine is used for carrying out small as well as large scale welding jobs.With the help of laser it is possible to swiftly obtain a resistant and highly aesthetic weld, with an added advantage of being able to intercede even on areas of an object which are normally hard to reach.Laser welding machine has a considerable amount of flexibility which allows it in welding inaccessible parts and even perform non contact long distance welding.

    The fusion welding  uses the high energy laser beam as the source for the welding joint.The laser beam is created by a freestanding laser source which is directed to either a machine which is mounted or to a hand-held collimator torch and onto the workpiece.The directed energy beam will heat and then melt the workpieces, which the melt pool which is developed fuses the metals together, thereby forming a well integrated weld.

    The laser welding machine is distinctly automated and the whole process of welding is quite simple.The non-contact welding does not have to be pressurised, but requires an inert gas to prevent oxidation of the molten pool.The laser welding machine improves the efficiency of processing the workpiece.

    The finished workpiece has superior welding quality with small weld seam and large welding depth.In order to achieve a deeper penetration depth, the laser welding can be combined with MIG welding to form a laser MIG hybrid welding, and the heat put in is much lesser than MIG welding.

    Applications of Laser Welding Machine

    Laser welding is important in various industrial applications, ranging from manufacturing and construction in automotive and aerospace industries to medical and jewellery manufacturing.Here are some of the major applications of laser welding machines:

    1. Aerospace Industry

    Due to its high precision laser welding is used in the aerospace industry for building air frames and security metal detectors.The aerospace industry demands high quality welds due to the longer operating span and exposure to lots of stress.Fabrication of fuel tanks is another another application where laser welding is used.

    2. Automotive Industry

    Laser welding plays a crucial role in the automotive industry and its significance has increased over the years due to its high precision,superior quality and cost effectiveness.Laser welding is used in a variety of activities related to manufacturing of motor vehicles, designing, development and even maintenance.It is involved in operations of certain components like alternators, fuel injectors, air conditioning units, solenoids and engine parts.

    3.Electronics Industry

    Laser welding is used in the production of various products that have an extensive range of objectives and applications.The electronics industry uses different types of laser welding machines for its operations like fiber laser, Nd:YAG and continuous wave.Its used for manufacture of control units and certain types of transistors.

    4.Medical Industry

    The medical industry produces medical equipments and drugs for healthcare treatments.Laser welding is a reliable option for many medical applications like implants which involves using very thin metal and a precise weld is needed.Laser welding works by concentrating a high power laser into the seam between the materials to melt and join the parts.The healthcare industry uses micro welding to penetrate the depth which is as thin as 1mm.

    5.Jewelry Industry

    The jewelry industry makes wearable products which have complex designs that includes rare metals and precious stones.Laser welding is used in the jewelry industry to produce precise products involving  complicated and fragile designs.A free moving concept is used in which the laser beam is standstill and the operator can safely utilise his hands to move the jewelry in front of the beam.Laser industry is widely used in jewelry industry in making rings, bracelets etc.

    6.Tool and Die Industry

    Tool and die industry specialises in production of parts for machines, equipment, and also products like fixtures, dies and cutting tools.Laser welding operates at a lower heat so that you don’t have to preheat a repair and also helps to reduce internal stress.Additionally, laser welding assists in extending the life of mold tiles.Laser welding is implemented in construction of precision tools that are used to cut, shape and form metal in tool and die industry.


    Laser welding strongly comes with the capability to make extensive changes in manufacturing industries.Furthermore, in today’s fast growing manufacturing industry where precision and efficiency is of utmost importance, laser welding has come out as a principal technology in joining materials accurately with extreme perfection.

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