Autonomous Cleaning is Here!

Autonomous Cleaning is Here!

    With over 500 satisfied customers worldwide, Cleanfix launches their fully automatic cleaning machine NAVI XL through their partner YES Machinery in the UAE.

    If cleanliness has a name, and if it is to be combined with Swiss quality, it has to be Cleanfix. Renowned for the advancements they made in cleaning technology, Cleanfix offers a comprehensive range of cleaning equipment and solutions to meet the diverse and challenging applications of the industry. Cleanfix expanded its position in the market and is now well represented by its subsidiaries and partners in 85 countries worldwide offering technical consultations, efficient sales, and prompt service.

    In the UAE, Cleanfix is partnered with YES Machinery - the one-stop destination for value-added machinery solutions. YES Machinery has been completely focused on redefining the machinery business through value-added propositions, innovative ideas, and a flexible approach to the client and market needs. The uniquely set up Demo Centre is an actualization of their tagline "See it, Try It, Like It!" Understanding what downtime means to the Industry, YES ensures that all their machines and solutions have a unique service proposition backed by a well-trained and dedicated service team.


    Cleanfix, through YES Machinery, is introducing the new Robot - RA660 Navi XL in the UAE market – the latest addition to the product line of RA660 Navi - a cleaning robot widely accepted and successfully deployed worldwide with over 500 machines in operation. The RA660 Navi XL is ideal for all cleaning and hygiene applications. With its redesigned user interface and remote application system, you have total control over your cleaning assistant.

    What sets NAVI XL apart from the other cleaning solutions in the market?

    • Intelligent cleaning system
    • Three cleaning brushes and water suction to clean any surface autonomously and efficiently
    • Cleaning capacity up to 1,500 sq. m. per hour.
    • 24x7 cleaning without human intervention
    • Unique shape allowing entry into narrow areas
    • Comes with a simple setup and intuitive app, which ensures it is always up to date with the reports.
    • In-built autonomous docking station for charging and water filling automatically (based on KUKA Carla connect).
    • The wastewater drains out automatically.
    • 14 ultrasonic sensors, a 2D LiDAR sensor, and a full-face front bumper allow the RA660 Navi XL to detect almost all obstacles and avoid them efficiently
    • Navigation is powered by Bluebotics’s ANTlite+ - a state-of-the-art and industry-proven product line for AGV and mobile robots – made in Switzerland.
    • Powered with Lithium batteries that can be charged up to 80% in just 40 min.

    With a focus on both cleanliness & innovation, the Middle East market is expediting its course of action in facilitating the highest levels of global standards when it comes to hygiene. This naturally creates a lot of interest in robotics. Robotization in cleaning machinery at present not just relieves labor costs but in fact benefits the process of implementing consistent cleaning standards. NAVI XL in Malls, Airports, Schools, Hospitals, Industrial Production Floors & likewise, not only ensures the job is being done but also leaves an impression on their clients about the utmost care and priority towards cleanliness. Apart from this, Cleanfix offers a wide range of innovative solutions for cleaning requirements - wet and dry vacuum cleaners, spray extraction machines, sweepers, scrubbers, and cleaning robots. Its catalog for floor and carpet-care machines is unparalleled, making Cleanfix the #1 patented cleaning solution provider in the world.

    Hygienic process and safe cleaning is gaining importance. Cleanfix produces in Switzerland a big range of cleaning machines for professional use. When it comes to cleaning robots, we are the world leader with the RA660 Navi XL robot. We from Cleanfix are happy to have YES Machinery as its professional partner with excellent service and support in the UAE.” Felix Rüesch, CEO, Cleanfix

    “We have always been machinery people, passionate about automation and its possibilities. When it comes to the Swiss-made advanced cleaning robot NAVI XL, we attach a lot of pride in being able to bring this to our market. It has all it takes to be a game-changer in the cleaning industry, which is evident from the interests it has generated already.” Basanth Raghavan Director, YES Machinery

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