CNC Drilling Machines – A Must Have For Every Fab Shop

CNC Drilling Machines – A Must Have For Every Fab Shop

    In today's world, when productivity combined with minimum dependence on labor is the key for long-term survival, the investment in CNC Drilling Machines can be a game-changer.

    A Drilling Machine is used to make a circular hole, to drill holes of different sizes and other related operations using a drill bit. There are a variety of drilling machines like

    • Portable Drilling machines
    • Sensitive Drilling machines
    • Upright drilling machines
    • Radial Drilling machines etc.

    But all these are traditional ways of using the drilling operations for making holes. We can say all ways of doing drilling involve more Manual work where we need the 100% guidance of operators for getting the job done. You need

    • Manual Layout to drill holes
    • Hole quality is a question in many cases
    • Manpower required for material handling is more hence the man-hour spent per hour will be more
    • Chances of human error are more as the drawings have to be referred to on the shop floor
    • When the percentage of components is high in structures, the time taken to prepare is long resulting in a delay in fabrication

    So, what is a way of reducing the errors and enhancing productivity in a good way……

    Answer is – “ CNC High speed Drilling machine centres from DAMA, Taiwan.” Equipped with a tool change system and high-speed spindle, these CNC Drilling machines can change the way of doing the drilling applications in a big way.

    Few salient features of the machine:

    • It is the best solution for high-speed drilling of holes. Double the efficiency than the hydraulic feeding drilling machines.
    • DAMA High-speed drilling centers with high-speed spindle up to 2000rpm supports cooling through spindle & rigid tapping for heavy-duty drilling with high efficiency
    • DAMA uses a Special purpose CNC system: Dama-Syntec which is Windows CE based, for plate drilling jobs with ease in operation interface.
    • With interactive command and color display, it’s very easy to learn and operate the machine
    • Rigid BT40 spindle is used for drilling diameter from 6 - 50mm for most usage of steel construction, joint plate jobs.
    • These machines can drill max. thickness up to 100mm, users can load many plates as layers & drills in one go.
    • Support Rigid Tapping from M8 - M24 for steel construction jobs or machine parts requested.
    • It has Chain type Chip conveyer. It helps in cleaning the chip after drilling. Most chips will move & load into the chip cart for easy recycling.
    • Longitudinal axes (two sides) with Auto clamping device. They will hold & clamp the machine body tightly during drilling & enhance the machine stability.
    • Optional 10T umbrella type ATC with tool life management; users can set up the max Z feeding distance. Once the set value is finished, the machine will change the tools automatically     
    • With auto measurement and subsequent drilling operations, the shop floor can save 70-80 % cycle time reducing the downtime and increasing the production


    • The machine with four work areas on the table, while one side of the table is working another side of the table allows the user to load or unload the plate. Thus, with this machine, there is no idle time and twice the amount of drilling jobs can be executed
    • A smooth finish is obtained since grinding is avoided and accuracy is achieved up to 0.1mm

    • Only one machine operator for drilling machine is required to perform an entire operation which involves loading and unloading the material and hence less man – hour per ton
    • Since CNC files are downloaded directly from the drawing software, the chances of errors are almost negligible
    • When the percentage of components is high, mass production is possible which helps in cutting down the cycle time for fabrication.
    • With our drilling machine, you can place a small thickness of base plates as a bundle for drilling more plates in one go. For example, if you have base plates of thickness 25mm, you can put 4 base plates of similar thickness, clamp them and do the drilling in one shot.

    So literally you are increasing your productivity multifold. That’s why an investment in a CNC Drilling machine from DAMA is a good bet for a fabrication shop. It helps in maintaining Consistency and uniformity across the jobs; give high accuracy and precision result and help in fast production.

    YES MACHINERY represents DAMA, in the middle east markets as their exclusive agents. We have technicians trained at DAMA to do the installation as well as meet service needs. We have various installations across the middle east region for their different models of machinery.

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