Industrial Safety Barriers – MCCUE

Industrial Safety Barriers – MCCUE

    Safety barriers within the workplace can be useful in the mission to reduce the likelihood of a workplace accident. They are industrial protections that are designed to prevent entry into a potentially dangerous area, or areas that are a potential hazard. The most common and conventional method is metal safety barriers.

    The metal structures are designed to protect different areas inside or outside of the factory premises. Of course it can provide protection but the same time lot of disadvantages.

    What are the disadvantages of metal safety barriers?

    • Maintenance is high
    • Need to paint in some intervals to keep the barrier visible to operators
    • High chance of corrosion
    • Sharp edges
    • Exposed parts
    • When a vehicle hit on barriers, it damages to both vehicle and barrier
    • Need to repaint after every hit

    Due to the numerous disadvantages, the new technology need to be implemented at factories.


    As the name indicates, the barriers are flexible to all type of impacts. They are designed for energy absorbing. The internal hardware eliminates catching and tripping points and its iron core is paired with an industrial rubber damper for strength & shock absorbency.

    Advantages of safety barriers over metal safety barriers

    • Quick Installation
    • No Maintenance
    • No exposed hardware
    • No need for scrapping, painting and repainting
    • High visibility
    • Easy cleaning
    • Protect concrete floors

    The industrial flexible barrier protection products from McCue includes a diverse range of products from bollards & posts, plastic barriers, crash barriers, pedestrian barriers, systems protector, column guard, rack end protector, plastic guard rails, floor rails, column protection, rack protection, door protection, bumper, handrails, floor rails all aiding in crash protection.

    Pedestrian barriers

    Most important barrier is the one separating your workforce from the four-ton forklift careening across your warehouse floor. fully modular system keeps your people safe and your business protected—with the most advanced protective system ever designed.

    Flex Core Guard Rail

    Easily installed Barrier system is designed for areas that need an extra level of protection. Your most important barrier is the one separating your workforce from the forklift careening across your floor.

    Flex core Bollards

    Engineered with patented shock-absorbing strength, the FlexCore Bollard is designed smarter than your core-drilled or plate-mounted bollards. Its high tensile steel core, paired with industrial elastomers, deflects to absorb impacts.

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    Rack End protectors

    Rack End Protector stops rack end damage, keeping your people safe and saving you maintenance spend. The ductile iron half-round ends protect the rack uprights and redirect traffic back to the aisle. The shock-absorbing polymer rail deflects to absorb any direct hits.

    Shock-Absorbing column guard

    Shock-Absorbing Column Guards prevent those column impacts. They’re like an airbag for your facility’s I-beams, compressing to absorb impacts and keeping your columns & your operators safer. Their unique tongue-in-groove design allows the guards to expand and compress to fit any size columns, and, unlike typical Velcro straps, the ratchet straps make sure the Column Guards always remain in place.

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