Possibilities of Vacuum Lifting with Fezer

Possibilities of Vacuum Lifting with Fezer

    The Fezer Vacuum lifters is convinced by its robust design, its long-life cycle, and above all by its easy handling combined with high safety features.

    They increase the efficiency and profitability of production processes as well as work safety and ergonomic. Using vacuum load lifting devices relieves the operators and prevents a high illness rate caused by overwork.

    Fezer vacuum lifting machines support the daily work, increase productivity and work safety combined with comparably low investment cost.

    Areas of Application

    • Handling of aluminum, steel, glass chipboard, and plastic plates
    • Handling of coil and split strips
    • Transport of wood, glulam beams, chipboards, MDF, and OSB plates
    • Feeding of CNC, punching, and nipple machines
    • Commissioning, putting into and out of storage
    • Used in roller mills, automobile industry, wind energy, aeronautics, stone, and concrete industries.

    Fezer vacuum lifters convince by their clever design. The lifters can be adjusted to individual customers' requirements and desires easily and problem-free. The devices have very high safety and comfort features as a standard.


    • Main switch supervision on lifters with hand slide valves
    • Large-dimensioned safety tank integrated into the lifter main beam
    • Non-return valve between vacuum generator and safety tank
    • Manual vacuum control by a lockable hand slide valve
    • Acoustic warning unit for a decrease of vacuum and power failure
    • Large-dimensioned vacuum lifter to protect the valves and pumps

    Key Features

    • Customized solutions
    • Suitable for lifting materials from 5 kg to 40 Ton
    • Can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications
    • The dry, wet, greasy, rough, dusty surfaces can be lifted
    • Both 90 degree and 180-degree swivel option is available

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