Smart ways to store at industrial workplace

Smart ways to store at industrial workplace

    APFEL is an active metalworking company in the development and production of professional factory equipment for the past 30 years.

    The Apfel Tool Cabinets in a class of its own assure maximum organization at minimum space requirements. Thanks to the vertical drawers, the tools are always ready-to-hand. Direct access to the tooling from both sides provides increased safety as reaching over the tools is eliminated. Perfectly tailored fittings with optimal space use ensure a protective storage of your tooling.

    First class components, best grade materials and high-quality processing guarantee maximum functionality and durability. Integrated transport notches allow the easy relocation of your tool cabinet by lift truck or cart when empty.

    All your work utilities in just one tool cabinet

    The different drawer versions and the large variety of configurations allow to create a clearly arranged storage place according to your requirements. With the specially designed tool holders, we offer perfect solutions for nearly all tool types used in the metal processing industry.

    Perforated panels, trays with storage bins, bulk trays and even holders for your working documents, you will find almost everything you need in the extensive range of accessories. Store all necessary materials you need at your workplace in only one cabinet to save time & ways.

    Tool replacement in seconds

    Specially designed tool retainers store all types of punching tools accurately in its place. Reduce costly setup times due to an easy and fast access and enhance the durability of expensive tooling.

    MTransport your setup

    With a robust drawer, mountable from both sides, stainless steel handlebar, fixed castors and guided roller. The Apfel trolley adds up to an essential mobile aid in your production space. The specially sloped tool retainers with integrated oil binding felt inlay can transport easily and safely to and from the punching machines.

    The safe storage of bending tools

    The tool cabinet series for bending tools support a maximum of safety for the work surroundings of your press brake. Robust and perfectly fitted tool retainers store up large amounts of tools with direct access to the machine. Reduce the setup times and increase the durability of your tooling.

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