The benefits of Visual Management Tools

The benefits of Visual Management Tools

    The benefits of Visual Management Tools

    Visual Management is a proven Lean tool to support and sustain your business's continuous improvement program – effective visual management plays a huge role in engaging staff and workers in a real culture of communication and improvement.

    Visual management is a tool used to quickly and efficiently pass on key information. You don’t need to talk and instruct your team, everything is visually explained.

    VISUAL MANAGEMENT TOOL!!! What this means is that any information presented via visual management is not only understood quicker, it’s retained more effectively too! If nothing else, effective visual management is a fantastic time-saving tool for your workplace. Furthermore, teams that are managed via visual management are proven to be much more engaged than those that aren’t.

    Creating a culture of empowered workers is not an easy thing, nor does it happen overnight, but, with visual management, in your workplace, you’re helping to create ‘visual thinkers’ of your staff which is the first step in securing the bottom-line improvements and company-wide alignment you can expect over time by managing your work visually.

    Some of the visual management tools and techniques are

    • Visual pockets
    • Document holders
    • Pallet clamps
    • Rack labeling
    • Floor marking
    • Symbols
    • Hanging signs

    The benefits are

    Makes it Easy to Quickly Understand Information

    Keeps Things Running as Designed

    Prevents Mistakes or Improves Safety

    Reduces Miscommunication

    Improve Employee Involvement and Morale

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