Top 8 Metal Forming Machines

Top 8 Metal Forming Machines

    When it comes to metal forming machines, there are several machines to choose from, with each offering its own list of benefits and detriments, each suited to certain applications, and each suited for different types of metal. The type of metal forming process that you should choose will depend on many factors: What metal are you working with? What's your budget? What do you need to create, and what will it be used for?

    Folding machines

    YES Machinery supplies first-rate sheet folding machines from CIDAN Machinery, which permit you to obtain 100% precision on your job. Main Features of our Power Folding Machines might include: Fast start-up time, Fast setup, leave no marking, Low noise, low cost, etc. When folding huge elements from the back of the machine, there could be an abundance of the unfastened areas at the back of the clamping beam and gear. Mechanical locking of the combi beam and a mechanical tooling lock makes it highly smooth to change gear. The Combi beam gives flexibility like no different tooling system, suitable while folding all sorts of elements; boxes, trays, complicated profiles, and unique applications. The tool change is programmed within side the managed system, while it's time to alternate gear the upper beam will robotically raise to its maximum height and the automated rotation maneuver is initiated by the operator through the foot pedal.

    Roll forming machines

    YES Machinery supplies notable CZ Purlin machines and additionally different Roll forming machines. Our machines are complete with De coilers and also numerous optionally available functions are possible as per your needs. Our Purlin machines are equipped with high-cease software, with an easy installation, have a lengthy life, and are easy to maintain. Equipped with reputed branded components, our machines additionally provide reliable performance. Various models are available to cater to various packages for a distinct style of profiles.

    Plate rolling machines

    YES Machinery supplies the best Heavy-duty plate rolling machines, Sheet rolling machines, Sheet bending machines, Heavy-duty angle rolls, high productivity lines, and custom-designed rolling machines from DAVI. Our product portfolio consists of the widest variety of heavy-duty plate rolls (every three and four rolls), for plates from 2 to 6m width and 6 to 400mm thickness; excessive productivity 4 roll and robot lines, for plates from 1 to 6m width and from 2 to 15mm thickness; custom-designed machines for tank trailers, aircraft, aerospace, shipyard sectors, for plates from 6 to 24m width and beyond. We provide each 3 Roll-in addition to 4 roll Plate rolling machines.

    Angle rolling machines

    YES Machinery supplies the best Heavy-duty angle rolling machines, alongside custom-designed bending and rolling machines. Our portfolio consists of the widest variety of heavy-duty angle rolling machines (Universal Section bending machines), for beams as much as 1,200mm height, pipes as much as 800mm diameter, flanges as much as 600x200mm on edge. A modular set of rolls are a general function and are produced from excessive tensile energy alloy steel, hardened with very excessive carrying resistance, designed to flawless manner all general sections produced withinside the market. In every area of applications: from aerospace to shipyard, from automotive to structural, engineers are constantly presenting solutions of greater sophisticated bent parts, produced from a hard material that could most effectively be received via way of means of bending non-general profiles at very tight diameters with strict tolerances.

    Dishing machines

    At YES Machinery, we supply an entire variety of exceptional dishing machines for making dishes with a completed diameter of as little as 200 mm up to 9000 mm and plate thickness from 1.5mm up to 50 mm. Our predominant functions include much less manufacturing time & excessive productivity, first-rate possible safety of the heads material structure, extremely good geometrical accuracy to the layout of head's, negligible sheet metal thickness reduction, huge variety of character maneuverability, centralized control panel for all device functions, and extremely good floor quality, without grooves and channels.

    Press brakes

    YES equipment resources excessive first-class press brakes and sheet bending machines from ADIRA. Press brakes are a common form of machine tools determined throughout the industry, serving the reason of bending sheet metal work portions into pre- programmed shapes among top and bottom (punch and die) toolsets that are near collectively. Bending with excessive overall performance demanding and precision is possible using the maximum superior and innovative engineering solutions, collectively with a rigid and carefully designed production of every machine. The major capabilities consist of an advanced CE laser protection system, ease of use, high first-class requirements, and combat price.

    Hydraulic press

    YES Machinery supplies remarkable hydraulic press and punching machines from RHTC manufacturers. The production application covers an extensive range: manual workshop presses, motorized workshop presses, broaching presses, portal presses with a manually movable portal, portal presses with a motorized movable portal, horizontal straightening, and bending presses, cambering presses, C-body presses, four-column presses, manufacturing presses, hydraulic presses with constant table, mechanic punching machines, hydraulic punching machines. All our hydraulic presses, punching machines, and bending machines follow the strictest statutory necessities and meet the ultra-modern protection and fitness European CE standards.

    Electric Press brakes

    YES Machinery supplies electric press brakes from Coastone. They are all- electric, servo-driven, and built to run for decades in the most demanding environments. The main features include no leakage, energy-saving, less maintenance, low influence of temperature, fast and accurate. Using Ball screws instead of hydraulics makes our press brakes very accurate. Free choice of frame type; means small press brakes with C-frames and long machines with O-frames.

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