Top Cleaning Mahine Suppliers in UAE

Top Cleaning Mahine Suppliers in UAE

    Have you ever thought that a small cleaning device can eliminate a manual cleaning process and take over the job in no time?

    Cleaning machines have made our lives easier and faster with its cleaning technology. Cleaning machine suppliers offer a wide range of cleaning products for the house or office. It has become an essential product to get the cleaning job done in no time. There are various cleaning machine suppliers available in the UAE.

    Top 3 cleaning machine suppliers in UAE

    #1. Yes Machinery

    Yes Machinery, established in 2014, is a leading cleaning machine and floor cleaning equipment supplier in the UAE. It is also known for renting out machines such as glass lifting robots, glass sucker, industrial vacuum cleaner, nozzle cutting & welding, plate edge beveling, rotators, stud welding.

    #2. Yes Clean

    Yes Clean stands in a top suppliers list of cleaning machines for floor. It's a part of Yes Machinery found to provide cleaning equipment. It has a wide range of cleaning robots, cleaning machines, sweeper tools, multipurpose trolleys, and air purification system.

    #3. Chemex Hygiene Concepts LLC

    Chemex Hygiene Concepts LLC provides the cleaning solutions across the UAE. It manufactures domestic and professional cleaning solutions and chemicals. It offers cleaning chemicals, cleaning equipment and machines.

    Its main office and manufacturing plant are located in Dubai, UAE with extended operating offices in Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah.

    What is cleaning machine?

    Cleaning equipment is a mechanical device that is used in cleaning. There are various kinds of cleaning devices such as pressure cleaners, sweepers, polishers, vacuum cleaners and cleaning robots. It is important to choose the right cleaning device for certain cleaning jobs.

    Why is cleaning machine important?

    There are plenty of benefits to using cleaning equipment which is listed below.

    Get a deep cleaning solution

    Helps in saving time

    Offers easy application

    Unique cleaning experience

    Cost-effective solution

    What are the types/categories of cleaning machines?

    Industrial vacuum cleaner

    The industrial vacuum cleaner is a cleaning equipment used in industries for general cleaning. It is a dust extraction system used to collect, filter and purify in work to create a safe and hygienic workplace.

    Checkout more about Key features of industrial vacuum cleaner

    Magnetic separator

    A magnetic separator is a machine that uses a magnet to remove pollutants and other magnetic materials from metal. It can be used before, during, and after the production of a material and can be adjusted to attract different types of magnetic materials at different intensity levels.

    Its cleaning process is quick and easy; simply pull the magnetic cores out of the stainless steel tube and the contamination will fall away.

    Cleaning robots

    A cleaning robot is a robotic vacuum cleaner that comes with an intelligent cleaning algorithm and with such a shape that can navigate in a narrow area without missing a spot.

    It is used in warehouses, hospitals, airports, malls, production areas, etc.


    There are plenty of cleaning machine providers in the UAE. Check for your requirement and choose the right cleaning device accordingly from the given list.

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