Where do you need Mobile Stretch Wrapping Machine?

Where do you need Mobile Stretch Wrapping Machine?

    Stretch wrapping is a process in which extremely elastic-plastic wrap is stretched around various products (such as pallets of boxes) for shipping and transportation. The elastic recovery or stretchability of the film secures the products and ensures they are tightly bound.

    The stretch wrapping is required in almost all industries and some of them are listed below,

    • Food industry
    • Logistics
    • Electronics and electrical industries
    • Chemical industries
    • Wood and paper industries
    • Textile Industries

    There are advantages of using stretch wrapping machines over the conventional manual wrapping method

    Manual wrapping machine – Disadvantages

    • Need man power
    • Not efficient
    • Time consuming
    • No ergonomics
    • Less productivity
    • Film use is high

    Stretch wrapping machine – Advantages

    • Optimized Labor
    • Improved efficiency
    • Time can be saved
    • Ergonomics
    • Improved productivity
    • Less use of film due to machine stretch

    Mostly the pallets are euro pallets and with standard size, those pallets are wrapped by using a semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine. The base plate diameter for those machines varies from 1,500 mm to 2,400 mm and the load dimensions vary from 1000 X 1200 mm to 1675 mm X 1675 mm respectively.

    But there are situations where we need to wrap the long pallets which are more than the above standard sizes, in such cases the fixed base plate wrapping machine is not suitable at all.

    This situation calls for a mobile stretch wrapping machine. The size and weight of the product is not a problem for mobile wrapping machine.

    Mobile Stretch Wrapping Machine – Atlanta

    The mobile stretch wrapping machine is operated by two AGM maintenance-free batteries. The enhanced version PLC provides from 6 programs to 99 programs suitable for every kind of wrapping pattern for differing and varied products. The easy-to-use 11″ TOUCH SCREEN operating panel allows the operator to set up several different parameters, these ensure the best quality wrapping patterns. The machine can be able to wrap at a maximum height of 3500 mm and different carriages are available depends on the stretch required and the machine pre-stretch ratio is 120 -150%. ATLANTA mobile wrapping machine can wrap 35-40 standard pallets in an hour. The safety bumper on the front side of the machine gives additional safety to the operator.

    The benefits for mobile wrapping machines over standard fixed machines,

    • Machine doesn’t need a fixed space
    • Long pallet size or over-sized pallets can be wrapped easily
    • The operator can take the machine to anywhere in the factory
    • Mobile wrapping machine does not need installation, but it reaches destination ready for use;
    • The weight of the goods not a concern

    ATLANTA was founded in 2005 and they are specialists in the design, construction, and manufacturing of automatic and semi-automatic pallet stretch wrapping machines. This includes integrating our machines into complex production lines, specially developed to automate the complete packaging process. As because, we focus on safety, innovation, energy, and expertise, our stretch wrapping machines are extremely reliable, placing Atlanta in a market-leading position.

    ATLNATA delivers automatic and semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines. The automatic pallet wrapping machine does not need the intervention of the operator either in the hooking stage of the film or in the final expulsion stage, the pallet reaches the machinery through a roller which places it correctly at the center of the platform; here the machine proceeds in wrapping it according to the program set previously by the operator, and once the process is completed, it is expelled. Inside the automatic pallet wrapping machines, there are different types of products that are differentiated by the technology used in wrapping

    • Turntable wrapping machines
    • Arm wrapping machines
    • Double arm wrapping machines
    • Ring wrapping machines

    In the semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine, the application of the film takes place with the supervision and the intervention of the operator; in fact, he must position the pallet and tie a wire of film manually; it will then be proceeded with the programmed wrapping cycle to finish with the final cutting and then expelling from the machine.

    The semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines are then divided based on operation and structure in:

    • Rotating turntable machines
    • Rotary arm machines
    • Mobile wrapping machines

    YES MACHINERY represents ATLANTA, in the middle east markets as their exclusive agents. We have technicians trained at ATLANTA to do the installation as well as meet machinery service needs. We have various installations across the middle east region for their different models of machinery. We carry stock besides we also have a demo center for demo/trials.

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