An Introduction To Pipe Cutting Machines, Types & Applications

An Introduction To Pipe Cutting Machines, Types & Applications

    Cutting pipes and tubes is a regular operation performed in the metal fabrication industry. Be it plumbing parts, pipelines, handrails, compressed air systems and any other structure, this operation is essential and here we will explore the different types of pipe cutting techniques used in the industry.

    Pipe Cutting Machines are used commonly to cut or slice pipes and tubes. Addendum to clean and precise cuts, pipe cutters make the cutting process quicker, easy, and convenient to operators than any other alternative method.

    Cutting with pipe cutters not only made the cuts neat and clear but also required very less deburring of the cuts. This makes the pipe cutters a well-liked choice among technicians.

    How Pipe Cutting Tools Work?

    Pipe cutters are equipped with razor-sharp wheels that rotate and cut the pipes.  These wheels can penetrate through the material and make it capable of more rotations.
    Based on the pipe materials, its sizes and thickness, the number of rotations required to cut the pipe are determined.
    The sharpness of the blade is also an important factor in pipe cutting. Each model of pipe cutters can vary slightly in their working

    Types Of Pipe Cutting Machines

    Thanks to technology, many advancements have happened in pipe cutting machines available. It depends on the type of pipe to be cut and its thickness, the exact pipe cutting machines are chosen by technicians. 
    Let’s delve into the different types of pipe cutters available and the materials that can be cut with pipe cutters.  Depending on the material, pipes are classified into plastic pipes, steel pipes, copper pipes and aluminum pipes.

    The pipe cutting techniques most talked about are cold cutting and hot cutting methods. Let’s check them in detail.

    Cold Cutting

    As the name says, cold cutting is the technique of pipe cutting without the use of heat and generating sparks.
    This pipe cutting method is widely accepted to be used in hazardous environments because of its safety features. Since this process involves little heat, it prevents any serious accidents.

    Cutting process in hydrocarbon industries must be done with utmost care since it involves heat and spark. Hence usage of cold cutting processes in these industries will contribute to safer operation facilities. 

    Apart from safety , money is another factor while cold cutting is very popular in industries where cutting is required. Cold cutting is much more economical when compared to hot pipe cutting. It also helps in quick pipe cutting and eliminates difficult hand grinding processes. Also, there is little possibility of explosions. 

    Since there is no heat and sparks evolved in this pipe cutting technique, its free of air born contamination and requirements of preapprovals for conducting the operation is not required.

    Cold Pipe Cutting Machines

    The machines used for the cold cutting process come under this category. In short, they can be called cold cutters and the specialty of these machines is that they are portable, durable, lightweight and compact. These machines come s in different configurations and were introduced in 1949.

    These machines are chosen based on the material to be cut, the precision required in cutting and the cost.

    Classification Of Cold Cutting Machines

    Based on the drive mechanism, cold cutting machines are classified into Pneumatic and Hydraulic. The different types of pipe cold cutting machines available in the market are split frame cutter, clamshell lathe etc.

    Designed circular, these machines can be wrapped around the pipes to be cut in two halves and attached with a hinge. Pipe cold cutting machines are further classified into Low profile, mid-size and heavy duty depending on the size and capability.

    There are few other tools that work as cold pipe cutters. They are:

    Band Saws

    Bandsaws are mostly employed in chemical industries and are used when the need for high precision cutting is not required.
    The use of coolants are a must while using bandsaws for pipe cutting since there will be heat at the cutting surface during operation.

    Diamond Wire Cutting

    Diamond Wire cutting is also used, same as bandsaws when there is no high precision required. They are powered by hydraulic energy.
    Diamond wire cutting is an ideal choice when cutting must be done through piles, pipelines, and caissons.
    As the name suggests, a rope beaded with small diamonds on the outer cuts the materials into designed length. The problems of congestion are resolved by ropes with circular cross sections in diamond cutting.

    Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

    This type of cold cutting is made use of in industries where there is a chance of fire or blast.  High pressure water is utilized in this cutting.
    In this type of cutting process, a hard abrasive material is pressed into water.  This type of cutting is normally used for cutting materials with huge thickness.

    Hot Pipe Cutting

    In this type of pipe cutting machine, the pipe cutting is done with the use of heat. Hot Pipe cutting is mainly classified into three.

    Gas Cutting

    Gas cutting, also known as Oxy Fuel cutting, is one of the most popular forms of hot pipe cutting process.
    The results of this process vary depending on the type of gas used.  Gas cutting is widely popular in the industry due to its possibility to cut an extensive range of thickness from 0.5mm to 250mm.
    The machine cost is very low, and the entire cutting process can be done mechanically which is another reason for its wide acceptance. 

    Plasma Cutting

    Placing right along the other three states of matter, plasma is considered as the fourth state of matter.  Plasma Pipe Cutting makes use of plasma torches that can reach 40,000 deg F instantly.
    The stream of plasma passes through almost all materials swiftly and easily. The plasma pipe cutting method is faster and it’s capable of cutting materials with huge thickness. It’s one of the reasons why plasma cutting is chosen nowadays.
    Also, it reduces the time as well as cost involved in the process.

    Laser Cutting

    With the advancement of technology, laser pipe cutting machines are used where quick as well as precision cutting is required. Laser pipe cutting helps to cut accurately on materials with comparatively smaller thicknesses.
    Laser cutting is done by focusing a laser beam exactly at the points to be cut. Studies and research are still going on in this field and industries are hoping for massive advancements in this technology.

    Conclusion On An Introduction to Pipe Cutting Machines

    Pipe cutting machines must be chosen depending on the size, texture as well as the environment the process must be carried out.
    In addition, it’s important to think about the health and safety of the operators as well as the surroundings.
    Reputed brands and reliable pipe cutting machine supplier like Yes Machinery are always a matter of confidence in a big market like UAE when  you purchase machines.

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