Quick Overview on Welding Machines and its Types

Quick Overview on Welding Machines and its Types

      Whatever be the purpose of buying a welding machine - be it for domestic purpose or business, having a thorough  knowledge about the various types of welding process, their applications, pros and cons will turn beneficial for you while using the machine. To begin with, the process of welding makes use of an electric arc to melt the workpiece material. Welding machines  help you assemble or move away the metal pieces by using thermal energy to melt them. Welding machines are undoubtedly a useful tool for businesses in the welding industry. The heat produced from the machine is responsible for dissolving the metal thereby giving it various shapes as well as helping in combining one metal to other. 

       For welding and soldering applications, a wide range of welding, joining machines along with the full set of tools and power sources, controllers and monitors are available. LEt’s check more details about the major ones used today in business. 

      Types of Welding Machines

      Depending on the application, various types of welding machines are available. Let’s understand some of them.

      MIG Welding Machine

      MIG welding machines find its application extensively in the automobile industry where there would be huge requirements for repairing the vehicle exhaust systems. These welding machines are also used in the construction of buildings and houses. Since this welding technique suits most of the work metals, it’s highly popular in the industrial welding sector. MIG welding is the best sought method for thin metals like aluminum alloys. The process of MIG welding uses electrode consumables in opposition to other welding methods.

      Most of the MIG welding machines come with MIG guns that operate along with clamps and cables.  Same as bar welding, MIG welding also makes use of a shielding gas that’s seen sticking to the safety wire. A gas cylinder for storing gas comes along with the MIG welding machine upon purchase. The welding gun requires electrodes, electricity, gas and wire  from the machine like any welding gun and also safety equipment is a mandatory requirement. MIG a.k.a Metal welding Inert Gas is one of the easiest welding types to understand. It works based on the principle of a wired electrode coil being fed at a regular speed during the welding process. The gas to metal arc welding which is known as GMAW works as an arc and produces a metallic shielding gas during the welding process. 

      ARC Welding Machine

      ARC welding process works by the principle of using an electric arc which will melt the metal workpiece over the workfloor with the welding machine and the electrodes that are attached with the machine. On the other hand, Rod welding machines make use of a flux covered welding rod that has electrodes and which conducts the electricity thereby generating an arc to melt the metal.

      The ends of the replaceable electrode stick is connected to the metal base thereby generating an arc which will melt with an addictive metal and creating a weld. An electric current is generated between the base of the metal and wire by the arc , melting the wire and connecting it to the workmetal and ultimately creating a strong weld that requires no cleaning. The metal that’s to be welded is melted and fused with the welded one.  

      These machines are primarily used in production of steel, construction, heavy machinery repair as well as piping. Aerospace industry makes use of plasma welding which uses high precise technology capable of working with metal os 0.015 inches thick. In this case arc is formed from electrical energy without the use of electrodes. Plasma weldings are considered to be the most sophisticated type of welding and the process is carried out in a machine filled with vacuum.

      Spot Welding Machine

      Spot welding machines are used in welding different types of products made of metals. The working principle of spot welding machines are that a process termed as resistance spot welding is employed to connect the overlapping metal workpieces between 2 electrodes with the use of electric resistance. Pressure is applied in between the workpieces by squeezing it and heat is generated by the passing of weld current through the resistance metal. This permits the metals to bind together and a welding joint is created. 

      Laser Welding Machine

      These are very strong welding machines that help join thermoplastics and metal with the use of laser beams. This type of welding can be used for joining thinned walled workpieces, butt welding, realized spot welding, precision parts, seal welding and even more. The process of laser welding involves using a focussed heat source to melt the metals and joining them as and when they cool down. 

      The main benefit of laser welding processes is that they are simple in automation, and produce deep as well as narrow welds with very little wastage. They are eco friendly, robust, durable, and offer huge productivity. The welding speed is quite fast with little treatment for welding and producing quality welds at the same time. 

       Portable Welding Machine

      Portable welding machines work on electricity or can be powered by batteries. There are some portable welding machines that work on generators or inverters as their power source. This adaptive nature  offers the same weld quality and accuracy when compared with traditional welding machines. 

      Where Can You Buy The Best Welding Machines? 

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