Importance Of Welding Machine, Welding Jigs, Welding fixtures &Welding Helmets

Importance Of Welding Machine, Welding Jigs, Welding fixtures &Welding Helmets

    Welding is one of the most common metal joining processes that we see in our day-to-day life. In this blog, we will discuss the machines used for the welding process, welding jigs and fixtures as well as welding helmets.   

    Welding Machines

    We know that a welding machine is equipment that helps in joining metals together. The heat produced by the welding machines melts the metals which in turn will help in joining them.

    Once it cools down, it forms a fixed joint. Even though the process of welding is most associated with metals, various other materials can also be joined.

    Welding machines are mostly used for industrial purposes and different types of welding machines are available as per the requirements.

    Types of Welding Machines

    Depending on the application, welding machines are available in various types. The classification of welding machines is done based on the welding technology used.

    Arc Welding

    Arc Welding is one of the most common types of welding. Arc welding machines make use of electrical energy which helps to create an electric arc between the electrode and the metal. Arc welding can be classified into different types depending on the type of electrode used.

    The different types of arc welding are Manual arc welding, fused core arc welding, metal arc gas welding, Tungsten gas arc welding and Submerged gas arc welding.

    TIG Welding

    In this type of welding, the welding process is done without the use of filler metal.  Hence the weld is created with just one metal. If you wish to make use of filler metal, an extra rod to be welded can be added to various materials.

    Since TIG welding generates zero waste, it is considered to be one of the cleanest welds.  This type of welding is best used on automobiles due to its thin and accurate weld bead.

    MIG Welding

    In simple terms. MIG welding is gas metal arc welding. Here the electrode is arced with the metal to be welded and thus it gets melted and merged with the metal The speciality of MIG welding is that thick as well as thin materials can be welded with this method and hence its suitable for a variety of applications. But its necessary to make sure that you have a very good 3-phase MIG welding machine that can do power adjustments to perform welding both on thin and thick materials.

    One of the main advantages of these welding machines is its capability to do welding on a material with a wide range of thickness. Also these machines provide beautiful welding finishes and at the same time they are easy to control as well.

    Electrode Welding 

    This is one of the welding types that’s used from older times. Electrode welding is simple and efficient. It helps create strong joints and hence suitable to weld thick materials.

    Welding Jigs

    Welding jigs are tools that help the welder fix the welding material in the exact position required for welding so that the material does not move, and the welding is done quickly and precisely. Using welding jigs, the welder does not require any extra help to hold the material intact. Depending on the type of welding and the application, welding jigs differ to ensure utmost accuracy and welding  perfection.

    Welding Jigs Structure 

    Welding jigs are of different types depending on the type of welding process used and the application for which it is used.  The basic structure of welding jigs remains the same irrespective of the welding jig type. Below listed are the basic structure of welding jigs:

    Aligning unit

    Securing unit

    Power broadcast mechanism

    Guide mechanism

    Jig base and body


    Using welding jigs will help you achieve higher accuracy and reliability. Welding jigs are normally designed with enough rigidity to withstand the force applied during the welding process. 

    Welding Fixtures 

    Welding fixtures are constructed in such a way that it helps to support and find the welding components so that any distortions or welding stress is avoided.  Depending on the type of welding, welding fixtures differ. 

    welding fixture helps hold the welding component tightly and position it in such a way that the workpiece doesn’t keep moving and thereby welding accuracy and perfection are achieved.

    In order to prevent any distortions from happening once the welding fixture is removed, certain operations are carried out to relieve the stress after the welding is done and before removing the fixture completely. 

    Types of Welding Fixtures 

    There are different types of welding fixtures depending on the type of welding done. The different types of welding fixtures available today are:

    Gas Welding Fixtures

    Arc Welding Fixtures

    Resistance Welding Fixtures

    Laser Welding Fixtures

    Looking to buy Welding Fixtures?

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    Welding Helmets

    As the process of welding involves lot of fumes and sparks, special protective equipment are required to ensure the health the safety of the worker. With the advent of technology, certified helmets designed to specially contribute to the respiratory organs are available.  These helmets are capable of protecting the eyes and neck from sparks, flash burns ultraviolet and infrared rays and heat as well.  

    YES Machinery, UAE sells one of the top brands of welding helmets from Switzerland who are the pioneers in this field of manufacturing Auto-darkening helmets and other products that contribute to active high and respiratory protection.  Also, there are options of creating customized products required for specific applications.

    On The Importance Of Welding Machine, Welding jigs, Welding fixtures, Welding Helmets In Industry

    In this article, we have discussed welding machines, welding jigs, welding fixtures and welding helmets -all of which contribute to the easy job of the welder. Making use of these products will not only make the welding job easier, but also contribute to the perfection and accuracy of the workpiece and at the same time contributing to the health and safety of the welder. In order to achieve all of the above, certified products are to be purchased from reputed brands.

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