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The company operates on the principle of having Suction pads as the proven and ideal tool for simple, safe, and damage-free installation of glass and sandwich panels. This glass and sandwich panel lifter can be used for various flat and profiled panels as well as glass. They aim at simplifying the time-consuming and risky processes of Installation of glass and panels.KEY FEATURESIdeal tool for simple, safe, and damage-free installation of glass and sandwich panels.Capacity up to 1800 Kgs for Gla...

The company operates on the principle of having Suction pads as the proven and ideal tool for simple, safe, and damage-free installation of glass and sandwich panels. This glass and sandwich panel lifter can be used for various flat and profiled panels as well as glass. They aim at simplifying the time-consuming and risky processes of Installation of glass and panels.


  • Ideal tool for simple, safe, and damage-free installation of glass and sandwich panels.
  • Capacity up to 1800 Kgs for Glass and 800 Kgs for Sandwich Panel
  • Suitable for glass of various sizes, be it small glass pieces or for large jumbo glasses
  • Suitable for Sandwich Panels up to 28m length
  • Capability of roof or wall installation
  • Modular units which can be configured based on capacity or size
  • Complies with all European safety standards
  • A battery-powered, Alarm will warn when the battery runs low
  • Alarm for indicating low vacuum its improves operator safety
  • It can be swiveled, and the suction cup is equipped with an exchangeable seal profile so it can be replaced easily


  • Installation of sandwich panel
  • Glass handling

Frequently Asked Questions On  Vacuum Glass Lifter

1.What Are The Key Features Of Vacuum Glass Lifters?

Glass lifters are the best choice for safe and effortless lifting or swiveling of glass panels. The key features of glass lifters include the presence of powerful vacuum suction cups, adjustable lifting arms with modular designs for adjusting with various glass sizes and weight, battery operated system, safety indicators and alarms and 360 degree rotation and 90 degree tilt functionality. In addition, the glass lifters do have an option feature of remote controlled operation.

2.How Do I Operate The Glass Lifter Machine?

Following are the steps to be followed while operating a glass lifter.

1. Position the lifter over the glass panel.

2. Activate the vacuum suction using the control system.

3. Ensure the vacuum pressure is adequate for lifting.

4. Use the control system to lift, tilt, and rotate the glass as needed.

5. Do not forget to follow the safety guidelines and manufacturer's instructions during Vacuum Glass Lifter operation or can get the instructional video with QR code on each machine.

 3. What Are The Safety Precautions When Using The Glass Vacuum Lifter?

Ensuring proper safety precautions are followed is a must for the effective and efficient operation of glass lifters.  As part of the Safety precautions regular inspections are necessary to be done on the equipment. It’s imperative that the vacuum pads are clean and are in good condition and the lod does not exceed the glass lifter’s maximum weighing capacity. The operators are supposed to be wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) while operating the machine and be mindful not to operate the equipment in windy or other unstable conditions.


1. How Often Should The Glass Vacuum Lifter Be Serviced ?

Regular maintenance should be performed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, which typically recommend servicing every 6-12 months or after a certain number of hours of operation.

 2. What Maintenance Tasks Are Required For Vacuum Glass Lifter ?

Following are the list of maintenance tasks to be carried out to ensure proper working of glass lifters.:

- Checking and replacing vacuum pads.

- Inspecting hoses and connections for leaks.

- Testing the vacuum pump and battery.

- Testing the vacuum gauge

- Ensuring the control system is functioning correctly.

- Cleaning the equipment to prevent debris buildup.

 Troubleshooting Of Vacuum Glass Lifter

1. What Should I Do If The Vacuum Suction Is Weak?

If the vacuum suction is weak:, it's important to check for any damage or debris on the vacuum pads as it can affect the suction capacity. Additionally, the hoses are required to be inspected for any leakages or blockages. Also it's necessary to ensure the proper working of vacuum pumps. Last but not the least, make sure the power source (battery) is fully charged. 

2. What If The Lifter Does Not Respond To The Remote Control?

If the  Vacuum Glass Lifter does not respond, perform the following steps:

1. Check the battery level of the remote control.

2. Ensure there is a clear line of sight between the remote and the receiver.

3. Inspect the receiver and control system for any signs of damage or interference.


1. What Are The Maximum Load Capacities Of Glass Vacuum Lifters?

The maximum load capacity varies by model, ranging from a few hundred kilograms to over 1800 kilograms. Always refer to the specific model’s datasheet for precise capacity information.

 2. Can The Glass Vacuum Lifter Be Used For Materials Other Than Glass?

While primarily designed for glass, some models can be used for other non-porous materials like metal sheets or smooth stone surfaces. Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines to choose the right model for specific applications.

Frequently Asked Questions On Sandwich Panel Lifter 

1.What Types Of Sandwich Panels Can The Lifter Handle?

The Sandwich Panel Lifter can handle various types of sandwich panels, including those with metal, composite, and insulated cores. It is suitable for both vertical and horizontal wall installations and roof installations.  Various types of profiles like flat, micro profiled, corrugated, etc can be used with correct configuration and model selection.

 2. What Is The Maximum Length Of Panel That Can Be Handled With A Sandwich Panel Lifting Machine

Viavac Lifters are modular in design and can handle sizes of different dimensions based on machine configuration.  The longest panel handled is 27 meters in length.


1. How Do I Operate The Sandwich Panel Lifter?

For smooth , safe and effective working of the Sandwich Panel Lifter, it's necessary to follow the steps as mentioned by the manufacturer. It’s important to make sure the lifting area is clear and the sandwich panel is positioned properly. Next step is to place the lifter’s suction pads on the panel surface and activate the vacuum system to secure the panel. To lift and move the sandwich panels to respective locations, you can use the control system. It's important to make sure all safety guidelines and instructions given by the manufacturer are followed during the operation of the equipment.

2.  What Are The Safety Precautions When Using The Sandwich Panel Lifter?

Safety is very important while operating a Sandwich Panel Lifters.Not adhering to the safety guidelines can possess risk to the operator and anyone on the project site. Before starting to operate the sandwich panel, conduct a pre-operation inspection. Make sure the vacuum pads are clean and without any damage. Another important factor is to make sure the right model lifter is chosen and the lifting capacity of the equipment fall under the weight of the load. It’s important that the operator should wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Last but not the least, avoid usage of equipment in windy or any other unstable condition.


Viavac CB4 for Vertical Wall Installation of Sandwich Panels


Viavac Rotaboy for Rotation of Panels


Viavac GBX-800 for Glass Installation up to 800 Kg


Viavac GBH -1800 for installlation of glasses up to 1800 Kgs


Viavac GBH - 1800 for Jumbo Glass Installation


Viavac GBH - 1800 can be configured to various glass sizes and capacity


Viavac GB2-375 with Crane Arm for installation with Forklift


Viavac GB 500 for Micro Profiled Wall Panels


Viavac CB4 with 90 degree Rotation of Panels


Vacuum Lifter for 500 Kg Glass


Viavac CB4 for Roof Installation of Profiled Panels


Viavac CB4 for Roof Installation of 18m long Sandwich Panel


Viavac CB4 for Horizontal Wall Panel Installation


Vacuum Lifter with Counter Balancer for installation below balacony or inside window frame


Vacuum Lifter for Skylight Installation


Vacuum Lifter for Facade Installation


Vacuum Lifter for Curved Glass


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