Word Neo in combining form means “new” , “recent” , “revived” or “ modified”.

What better name for our mascot whom we wished to represent our characteristics, which always been to, Constantly Innovate, improve & evolve and strive to remain up to date with changing times

Neo represents us , it’s part of us, who we believe will take us through the next levels of evolution.

We are constantly evolving, be it be in terms of Products,People, Divisions targeted to specific industries and the geographical areas we reach out to. And in this journey, we will be guided and led by Neo, who is simple but at the same time Smart, like we are.

Neo personifies the spirit of YES Machinery, by being Simple but at the same time Smart & Powerful through the value additions it offers.

Neo is technically advanced, versatile and innovative. His robust body and distinctive color reflect YES Machinery’s brand identity.

Upward & Forward we go with Neo !!

Forward & Upward

What about some amazing trivia? Did you enjoy the background and lyrics of this introductory video?

Believe it or not, this is developed through Artificial Intelligence