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Almost 70 percent of plant equipment failures stem from improper installation, lack of maintenance, or incorrect start-up & operational procedures. When equipment fails, the biggest cost is time & the loss of production. Add to that the price of repairing or replacing components more often than planned, and the total cost of ownership soars.

Thanks to our many years of experience, training, and extensive expertise, we can offer you a comprehensive service for your production machines – completely independent of the manufacturer, not just the brands we represent alone. To reduce unplanned maintenance and avoid unnecessary replacement costs, our Team takes care of critical systems checks and equipment/ machinery maintenance, as well as engineered component repair, dismantling, and re-installation services. Assistance can be provided during unplanned shutdowns/breakdowns to get equipment back up and running quickly, or during planned maintenance to optimize your process.


On time , every time !!

Service is always Top priority. Downtimes on a machine costs a lot to any industry, this is why we make sure your calls are attended to in the shortest time

Seeing is believing, isnt it?

We believe you have the right to see the machine in action, before you make a call. On time , every time !!Our team is happy to demonstrate our machines on your call.

installation installation


Machines supplied will be installed and commissioned by our trained service team. By the time our Engineers leave your site, your operators will be confident to work with the machine supplied.


Our Technicians are trained at the manufacturer facility, not just to operate the machine, but also to do service and repair. This applies as a policy to every machine we represent and promote. This way, you are confidently betting on a product and a company which will not just perform to your expectations, but also back you up in case of any difficulties that may arise. After all as we have learned from our experiences, the repeat business is not brought by the sales team, but by our efficient & effective service team.