Quick Overview on Permanent Magnetic Lifters:Features and Applications

Quick Overview on Permanent Magnetic Lifters:Features and Applications

    Permanent magnetic lifters are more commonly preferred to be used for lifting steel plates as they do leave little marks or scratches on the object surface in contrast to clamps and hooks. A permanent magnet that’s capable of generating a larger magnetic field than a normal magnet is referred to as lifting magnets. Permanent magnets achieve this capability due to the compositions of alloys and some rare earth metals like ferrite. With the advent of technology, permanent magnets come with ON/OFF switches so they can be turned off while not in operation. These lifting magnets have become a very viable and efficient solution in situations where huge metal plates, disks, tubes etc are to be lifted. Let’s discuss in detail about Permanent Magnetic Lifters below.

    Working Principle of Permanent Magnetic Lifters

    There’s no doubt about the strength of the magnetic lifters and their ability to lift heavy objects. As we mentioned above, the prescient of earth materials give them these qualities. Permanent magnets consist of a block that includes the main body and the rotor. Two magnets are included in each of the main body and rotor. The orientation of these two magnets in the same direction generates a magnetic flux towards the metal objects that are required to be lifted. The lifted object can be unloaded when the rotor magnet direction is changed and there is no magnetic field present. It has to be noted clearly that the objects to be lifted should be clamped as closely as possible to the magnet. 

    There is variation between the electro permanent magnets and permanent lifting magnets.  In the latter case, the magnet is looped around an electric coil that conducts electricity to turn it on. They raise objects using magnetic energy as well. The magnet is only turned on by the electric current, which is then cut off.

    Scientific Aspects of Permanent Magnetic Lifters

    Magnetic Fundamentals

    In order to understand how permanent magnetic lifters work, first you need to know the basics of magnetism. Out of the three types of materials existing -  Diamagnetic, Paramagnetic and Ferromagnetic, the ferromagnetic materials for example Iron and Steel have the capability to become strongly magnetized with the exposure to a magnetic field. 

    Domains and Alignment

    Domains are very very small areas in ferromagnetic objects where clusters of atomic magnetic moments line up with each other. These domains consist of low magnetism due to their random orientation in the natural state. On the other side, these domains align under the influence of an external magnetic field, which results in magnetization.

    Sustaining Magnetization

    Objects with a high retentivity, or the capability to hold onto magnetization over time, are used to create permanent magnets. This ensures that even after the external magnetic field is removed, the lifting magnet will retain its magnetic strength.

    Influential Factors 

    There are numerous parameters that affect the lifting capability and safety of the lifting magnets. The performance of the device is strongly dependent on the strength of magnet assembly and material, the shape if the object to be lifted, its area and the existing features of safety,

    What are the applications of Lifting Magnets?

    Automotive Manufacturing

    In order to cut short human labor and enhance the productivity during assembly of heavy automobile parts, permanent magnetic lifters are very useful.

    Construction & Steel Fabrication

    Permanent Magnetic Lusters help accurately lift and place huge beams of steel, plates and columns that are part of the construction process and steel fabrication.

    Scrap Yards and Recycling

    Permanent magnetic lifters are used in recycling facilities to lift and transport scrap materials thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the recycling process..

    Shipbuilding and Heavy Machinery

    To transport heavy objects like engine blocks and hull sections, the shipbuilding and heavy machinery sectors make use of permanent magnet lifters.

    What are the Advantages of Permanent Magnetic Lifters?

    Permanent Magnetic  Lifters offer a wide range of applications in various industries and offer the following advantages:

    As these magnetic lifters require only magnetic energy, they are highly reliable and durable and require very little to no upkeep.

    Since no big infrastructure is required, permanent magnetic lifters are quite inexpensive.

    Permanent Magnetic Lifters are simple and easy to operate and hence operators need not undergo any extensive training 

    These lifting machines do not possess any huge risk as long as safety precautions are taken care of. 


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