You have to be rich to buy cheap.

Yes, you read it right. When you look at purchasing product, like a machine for example, a product which is meant to work on industrial conditions, buying it going by the cheapest price would often lead to buying a replacement for it after a short usage. Which means, you spend double than what you were supposed to , in a short period of time.

Decision makers mostly go by the Price of the product, they tend to overlook the long term cost of owning it. A smart buyer, looks into the Total Cost of Ownership ( TCO) of the product over a certain period of time, instead of the price of the product. By TCO, we imply the cost of owning a machine over a period of time, this includes the cost of repair & services, spares, consumables and even in the worst case, the cost of replacing the machine with a new one. A product which is valued in terms of its quality and performance, may be higher in price in the first go, but for sure will have a lower TCO against a cheaper product.

At YES MACHINERY, we choose our products on basis of its quality, performance, features & the technology employed. Our strategy have always been to bring the best products into the market, to see that our clients are happy with our offerings and obviously we take pride and satisfaction in it. We don’t go by the price alone, we are hence not the cheapest either.

However, we look at ways to make our offerings as affordable as possible and also manageable, by exploring various possibilities including flexibility payment terms etc.

We also offer various financing options with the support of international to local financial institutions to help a client with his or her capital equipment purchase.

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