7 Must have Welding Accessories

7 Must have Welding Accessories

    There is always some sort of dangers in welding. Tools are essential to welders who want to achieve a neat and robust weld, save time, and ensure optimal accuracy. When shopping for welding accessories, never compromise on quality, even if you have to pay a premium. Over time, high - quality equipment ensures maximum cost - effectiveness, as well.

    Here is the list of seven welding tools and accessories that are the most important, that you will appreciate once you begin to weld.

    1. Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

    The first essential welding accessory you must have is a welding helmet. The primary purpose of any welding helmet is to prevent sparks and flames from scarring your face while you work and prevent damage to the skin and eyes from the heat. They filter all the unwanted UV and IR radiations and let only the visible light pass through – giving full protection to the eyes. An auto-darkening helmet will help in saving time and getting your weld started correctly.

    2. Welding Magnets

    Welding magnets are one of the most versatile and useful tools that you will have in your kit. This allows you to mount pieces of metal and weld them together at an angle to one another. They can also be used to hold pieces of metal in place without the use of clamps. They are inexpensive and readily available in a variety of sizes.

    3. Work Holding Clamps

    Work holding clamps help you to simplify your job setup tasks by providing quick clamping and secure holding without any distortion. They also provide high clamping forces in a variety of space requirements thereby providing good accessibility to the work piece. Pneumatic clamps are simple to use and help to increase accuracy and production efficiency. They are available in various models with a variety of applications.

    4. Welding Jigs

    Welding jig is not that necessary as compared to many of the other items on this list, but it is still a nice piece of equipment to have. It is very much effective at helping you create square frames, which is an apparatus for welding at 90-degree angles. This can be used for heavy-sized metal pieces.

    5. Welding Fume Extractor

    A welding fume extractor can be used as a filtration system cleaning the air of harmful chemicals and particulates. Welding processes create fumes including welding, grinding, sanding, spraying, powder filling, and chemical applications. Depending upon the application, fume extractors use a variety of filters. These units take up less space, weigh less, are more energy-efficient, and have easy access to change filters.

    6. Weld Cleaning Machines

    Say goodbye to the hectic days spent on cleaning welds using hazardous chemicals like pickling paste, hoping to meet every single safety regulation. By using the TIG Brush, all the time-consuming frustrations that you have come to associate with cleaning stainless steel welds can be solved. Weld cleaning machines can clean welds in a matter of minutes with all safety requirements. More time can be invested in producing, rather than cleaning.

    7. Welding Machines

    They offer a technological advantage in all welding procedures. Welding machines are characterized by a high level of efficiency and sustainability when welding. Selecting the ideal welding machines is of great priority.


    Proper accessories are essential to ensure safety in the workshop. All of the tools mentioned on this list will be of great use and can be used for years to come. These tools are also vital in ensuring safety and be injury-free while performing a welding operation. Now that you have got a complete list of what you need to weld safely, get the ones you need and get to work. YES Machinery supplies all the welding machineries with high quality.

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