Are you looking for the best Industrial Protections

Are you looking for the best Industrial Protections

    The industrial protections from MCCUE includes a diverse range of products from bollards & posts, barriers, crash barriers, pedestrian barriers, systems protector, column guard, rack end protector, plastic guard rails, floor rails, column protection, rack protection, door protection, bumper, handrails, floor rails all aiding in crash protection.

    A bollard is a strong, vertical post mounted in or in front of a parking lot, facility, or storefront that acts as a safety barrier to protect pedestrians, property, and products from vehicle-into-building crashes. Bollards are placed for protection on manufacturing floors, alongside roads, and in front of stores and hospitals. These structures serve to protect people and property from attacks perpetrated by cars, trucks and other large vehicles. Bollards appear to be large poles mounted in the ground, but these structures aren’t just for decoration; bollards are unique safety devices that exist to prevent personal and property damage, including injury and theft.

    Safety comes first in the Crash Core Bollard design. McCue’s bollards provide firmer resistance than the standard, concrete-focused designs. The Crash Core technology starts with a small, pre-assembled cage, which firmly bases the bollard in the ground. Taking into consideration various factors, including overall safety. As always, safety is the core of every project, so you can rest assured knowing that your Crash Core Bollards will provide your facility with optimal protection. Whether a vehicle accidentally or deliberately attempts to ram into your business or facility, the Crash Core Bollards will ensure that the impact is nothing more than an attempt!

    As a responsible business owner or general manager, when investing in a new product for your store you probably do your research. When it comes to safety equipment, that research becomes even more important. At this point, you’ve likely decided that bollards are a good resource for protecting your business. The next step is deciding which one is best to fit your overall needs. We have a wide range of options for you to choose from –

    • Metal/Pipe Bollards: These types of protective barriers are used to visually mark pedestrian-friendly areas, but don’t always provide the highest level of safety from vehicle accidents.
    • Flexible Bollards: Flexible bollards are great for warehouse protection.
    • Removable Bollards: For instances where you may not need the protection 100% of the time and would rather have an open space, these types of bollards would work for you. They are padlocked together and can be unlocked, lifted, and moved when not in use.
    • Lighted Bollards: These bollards are great for illuminating pathways while providing a secure pathway for entrances, walkways, or other areas.
    • High Impact Security Bollards: These types of bollards provide protection for your people and property in the event of a vehicle crash. They prevent large vehicles traveling at high speeds from causing damage.
    • Bollard Covers: Covers allow you to keep bollards in line with your brand while also ensuring their durability. They also eliminate the need to constantly maintain them, keeping their paint intact and rust to a minimum.
    • Rated Bollards: As you think about the safety and protection of your building and customers, rated bollards are one of your best options. These bollards are engineered for strength and designed to save lives

    Your typical day consists of many things - customer concerns, budgets, employee overhead and inventory management, to name a few. Customer and employee safety also ranks high on your list of items to control, so you take measures to make your workplace safe and as free from accidents as possible. Bollards, like McCue’s Crash Core, are designed to prevent accidents and keep stores safer. These short posts set up outside of store locations are used to keep traffic out of designated areas. When you are considering a bollard installation, it’s important to do your research on the materials used and the impact it can protect against. Bollards are only as good as the crashes they can prevent, so you want to make sure they are strong and built to last.

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