Industrial Vacuum Cleaners: Key Features and Applications

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners: Key Features and Applications

    With so many styles of vacuum cleaners on the market, selecting the right one for your job can be complicated. Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are designed to be more powerful, durable, and can withstand heavier use than residential vacuums. If your business requires a vacuum cleaner that holds more dirt and can perform large tasks, an industrial vacuum cleaner is ideal for you.

    Choosing a vacuum cleaner shouldn’t be so easy, especially for industrial purposes. To suck large quantities of fine or wet dust, liquids, or solids on your field, you will need to choose a safe and solid vacuum cleaner: an industrial vacuum cleaner.

    Key features to be considered

    1. Quality and durability

    The quality of a vacuum cleaner is an important factor to consider and will determine whether it will last for years or be replaced in a year or two. Look at the quality of the construction, when evaluating durability. A large filter surface with dedicated and certified filters makes them durable.

    2. User-friendly

    Industrial vacuum cleaners are engineered for industrial applications. Larger capacity means more efficiency, thus reducing the amount of time required to complete the work. Every industrial vacuum cleaner should have a comfortable container to discharge the collected material. Portable vacuum cleaners ensure safe and comfortable working. Ultimately, the vacuum cleaner should feel good in the hand and not be difficult or tiring to use

    3. Noise level

    Noise is also an inevitable consideration. Some vacuum cleaners make so much noise that they’re almost unbearable to use. At the same time, good vacuum cleaners operate at levels that are very much comfortable. The amount of noise a vacuum makes is rated in decibels. Extremely quiet vacuum cleaners operate at mid-60 decibel level, while those in the range 70-77 dB are relatively quiet.

    4. Capacity

    The capacity of a vacuum cleaner is determined by the size of the dust bag or cup. The bigger it is, the less often it needs to be changed. As they are going to be used for industrial purposes, the number of residuals to be removed will be very high.

    5. Filtration rate

    An important, element of a vacuum cleaner is its ability to retain the residuals, especially the finer particles. If the vacuum cleaner fails to offer higher levels of filtration, these fine particles go straight back to the surrounding air, where they will settle as dust. The more the suction force, the more quickly the mess can be cleaned.

    Areas of applications


    The use of paints and powder coatings is very common in the automotive industry. When changing colors, the lost powder must be recovered from coating booths. Since filtration systems with high efficiency is crucial at this point.

    Industrial buildings

    One of the main applications of industrial vacuum cleaners in industrial buildings is in housekeeping, a proven never-ending job. A good wet and dry vacuum cleaner is of great use for general cleaning purposes. Even In the case of plumbing overflows, the use is great.


    Cleanliness in a healthcare facility is the most critical than in any other place. Vacuum cleaners with high-efficiency filtration are strictly recommended to protect the patients from contaminants in the air.

    Food Plants

    Spills are very common in food plants. Product recovery during the stage of production and that of packaging operations can be done effectively using an industrial vacuum cleaner.


    The most common application of industrial vacuum cleaners is in the baking industry for flour recovery. The texture of flour makes clogging in normal vacuum cleaners. Hence, those with multi-stage filtration are required. Liquid spill recovery should also be taken care of in the baking industry.

    Cement Plant

    Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are widely used in the dusty areas of Cement Plant for cleaning the silos, machineries and day to day house keeping applications.

    Pulp & Paper

    Large quantities of water are used in the manufacturing process of paper. It is important to use powerful industrial vacuums to recover the water and other materials used in the production process. Recovery of scrap paper is another important application in paper mills.


    The use of an industrial vacuum cleaner may significantly increase the safety and efficiency of your business. It is always important to choose quality rather than cheap vacuum cleaners so that they will be long-lasting. If your business requires a vacuum cleaner that holds more dirt and can perform large tasks, an industrial vacuum cleaner is ideal for you.

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