7 Key factors to consider before buying a Press Brake

7 Key factors to consider before buying a Press Brake

    Press brakes are common type of machine tools found across the industry, serving the purpose of bending sheet metal work pieces into pre-programmed shapes between top and bottom (punch and die) toolsets that close together.

    Electric press brakes are fast becoming the preferred option for fabrication shops that need to increase bending accuracy and safety, boost productivity, save money on energy bills, and improve their environmental credentials. Low noise and minimal maintenance are also the advantages.

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    Let’s have a look at the important aspects to be considered

    1. Accuracy

    Accuracy of the Press Brake is an important factor in the decision making process. It depends on the fact how a variety of material deviations are handled. So it is crucial to find out the accuracy of press brakes before buying one.

    2. Material Type & Thickness

    The maximum hardness and thickness of the material to be processed should be considered before choosing the press brakes. As the material changes, the amount of pressure and bending force required also differs. The thickness of the metal sheet required is also an important factor to be considered.

    3. Number of Parts Required Per Day

    This can be determined on the basis of whether you having a small business or you are a large scale manufacturer. When buying a press brake you need to know how quickly quality parts can be produced.

    4. Maximum Material Length

    The questions to be considered here is, what is the maximum width of material you will need to bend and what will be the maximum flanges you will be bending. These two questions are really crucial in determining the overall bending length you will need for the press brake.

    5. Space Occupied

    Some of the press brake machines will be larger in size. Before looking to buy one, you must make sure that your factory or workplace has enough space to accommodate same. You can choose smaller sized press brakes, if the pressure required is not high.

    6. Purpose and Use

    Different industries buy press brakes to produce a variety of products. They differ in shape and size and hence requires different force. The force that are to be applied on the materials differ. To know the force required to shape your product is of great importance before buying a press break. Buying the correct type of press brake will help you save a good sum of money.

    7. Operator Skill Level

    This is an inevitable factor to be considered. The skill level of the employee who runs the machine matters. If the machines are highly accurate, the employer skill level required is minimum. Adding more controls to the press brakes makes it easier to setup and make good parts every time.

    Final Thoughts

    Press brakes are becoming an inevitable part of steel fabrication machinery today. By now you might have understood the factors to be considered before buying a press brake. It is also important that you source it from a reliable manufacturer or supplier.

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