Pipe or Tube bending can be done faster with quality

Pipe or Tube bending can be done faster with quality

    As you probably already know, getting the bend quality that you need is not always a 10-minute job. The variables can be endless. Wall thickness, material, material hardness, bend radius, degree of bend, and on and on.

    Memoli pipe bending machines gives you perfect bending in all sort of pipes, in any material of pipes. A compact high-performance bending machine, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies in coreless bending of tubes and profiles, capable of bending both right and left with special dies. ETM core range is ideal for bending thin tubes with a very narrow radius, without deformation. Memoli manufactures different models of pipe bending machines that can do the bending from the pipe size of 8 mm -150 mm

    Every ETM series machine is supplied with the “Digital Bend Programming Touch Screen” special software, extremely easy to use due to the intuitive “Touch” screen.

    Thanks to the latest generation technologies it is possible to access main features as:

    • Storage of 99 programs, each of them with a 5-stop sequence in the bending operation
    • Calculation of the machine maximum bending capacities regarding the material size to be bent
    • Graphic of the minimum bending radii
    • The setting of springiness material estimate (spring back)
    • Bend counter
    • Remote connection “Industry 4.0”

    • Working mode: either manual or automatic
    • Change of measure unit: either inches or millimeters
    • 100 MB hard disk
    • Alarm diagnosis
    • Maintenance notice

    Eurekamatic has been for many years so far one of the most requested and used machines by blacksmiths for their applications on tubes, profiles, and square tubes, to carry out railings, handrails, tables, chairs, doors, windows, gratings, and many more.

    One machine with different operations: circle-curve bending, angle-bending, tube bending with two options to bend with or without mandrel, scroll-bending, and twisting.

    The complete system of Memoli pipe bending machines are specifically designed to reduce mechanical effort and to make the bending operation faster with quality.

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