Top 7 Important Cutting Machines

Top 7 Important Cutting Machines

    When it comes to cutting, there are numerous methods to consider. Plasma, water, and laser cutters are all great choices and can make the metal fabrication process significantly more efficient. Your choice of technique will depend on your budget, the type of metal to be cut, the levels of precision, and the uses of the fabricated part. While there are pros and cons for each individual method, our goal here is to get a brief idea of various types of cutting machines.

    Stone cutting machine

    YES Machinery supplies Stone cutting machine ( Stonecutters) from ALMI. The finishing is carried out by a fully-automated machining center operating on a 24/7 basis. This means all our stone cutters are of the same consistent high quality. We have the right tool for every application, with a range of 20 different types of block splitters and cutters. Our stone cutters have the following practical advantages like the stones stay dry and can be used immediately, no baked-on dirt, no cables need to be plugged in, so they can be used anywhere. The additional advantages include no carcinogenic stone rubble, no noise pollution, no stone dust, no personal injury risks, energy-efficient operation with electro-hydraulic block cutters.

    Robotic cutting machine

    YES Machinery supplies robotic cutting machine from IGM. These are specialized robots designed to multitask in welding, cutting, beveling, and more. These robots are mainly used in the welding & cutting industry and fabrication industry. The robotic systems find application in manufacturing excavators, railway wagons, and locomotives, for boiler making, the construction of gantry cranes as well as for bridge construction and shipbuilding. The control system is fully digitally controlled, meaning there are only digital signal processors (DSP) involved in the entire control system and not any analog electronic component.

    Beam Cutting Machine

    YES Machinery supplies beam cutting machines from BEAMCUT, a highly evolved platform that combines a 6-axis robotic CNC cell, vision systems, and plasma torch technology. This helps to bring you the best combination of speed, precision, and full 4-face operation available for cutting beams and other metal profiles for both structural steel and miscellaneous metals industry. Beam cut is an advanced and highly flexible Robotic beam cutting machine or called a coping machine, used to cut Beams, channels, angles, and can even pipes and plates with optional devices. Tasks that may take an hour or more can be now done in seconds! Productivity can be increased by 80% with the same number of employees.

    Laser Cutting Machine

    YES Machinery supplies laser cutting machines from TECOI, which is renowned worldwide for its large-format Laser Cutting machines. Where maximum accuracy and repeatability must be maintained, the LS Series family of machines is designed for intensive use. This machine has been specially designed for solid-state laser cutting of large and thick plates. According to the customer’s needs, this machine can be configured with automatic covers, fixed covers, and automatic changing tables The LS MEGA series are solid-state laser cutting machines are designed for the cutting of plates ranging from small to medium thicknesses.

    Cut to length machine

    Cut to Length machines from YES Machinery are extremely easy to use, programmable, and can be handled by novice operators. It is an "all in one" unit with no limit in working length. Standard features on our Cut to Length machines include straightening unit, sheet guide for in-feed, Guillotine shear with hold down the beam and double-edged blades, feeding unit, line link control system, and foot pedal for remote feeding. Easy loading, handling, and changing of coils with remote control are also available. Coil wagons are used to eliminate coil damage. A single operator can easily operate the cut to length machine.

    CNC Plasma cutting machine

    YES Machinery supplies an entire variety of CNC plates, pipe straight cutting, and CNC plasma cutting machines from DAMA. We have tables to big-sized models custom constructed to satisfy consumer needs. We use a preferred Hypertherm as plasma, fuel line torches from Messer, Burny/Hypertherm controls, Yaskawa servo motors, and Fastcam as cutting software. We can provide CNC cutting machines with suction bag filters or can deliver drawings for water kind cutting tables, which may be then manufactured by the customer saving the cost.

    Pug Cutting Machine

    Portable Pug Cutting Machines from YES Machinery can be widely used by heavy-duty Fabricators which includes the gas cutting machine. It helps to reduce production costs and thus improves the efficiency of work. Our high-quality Pug Cutting Machines are designed to do the work with 100% precision. We provide a wide range of Pug cutting Machines for straight-line cutting of Plates, Pipes, to cut the Beam. Our varieties include pug cutting machines on the rail for cutting plates, pug cutting machines with multiple torches, chain type, manual and electric pipe cutting machines, magnetic pipe cutting machines, and circle burners.


    When metal fabrication must be completed on a strict timeline under a low budget, it’s crucial to utilize the most efficient methods available for cutting. The key is to ensure you have the necessary forethought and experience to determine which cutting method will produce the optimal results for your design specifications.

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