Ultimate Checklist On Choosing Machinery Supplier In UAE

Ultimate Checklist On Choosing Machinery Supplier In UAE

    The world has advanced a lot today and many jobs done manually in the olden days are replaced by machines. Be it household, industrial or commercial purposes, the discovery of machines has created a great impact on our day-to-day lifestyle and most of our jobs have become a lot easier and less time consuming.
    The research for advanced technologies is still going on and we can expect more machines replacing human labor. It’s a boon on one side and on the other side it's slightly disappointing to see many people lose their jobs. Since the usage of machines has made our life much more convenient, due importance must be given when choosing the right machinery supplier.
    Selecting the right machinery partner can assist you with choosing the right machines with right specifications, and helps you with the demonstration, installation, technical training and after sales service.
    Let’s check on some important points to be taken into consideration when you choose a machinery brand or a supplier in the UAE.

    Know Your Machinery Supplier

    This is the first and foremost step in choosing the right machinery supplier for your requirements. UAE is a big market and there will be umpteen dealers in the market claiming to supply the machines you need, projecting various deals. 
    Before finalizing your machinery supplier, make sure you visit their website, know who the owners are, what are the brands they promote, get an idea about the sales team they have, and how good they are at providing their service.
    It’s important to choose a machinery supplier who promotes the best quality brand and who does UpToDate training for their team. In a market like UAE where there is tough competition, do not always choose a machinery supplier who offers the lowest price.
    You need to make sure that the machine you have purchased and the after sales service you will receive is worth every penny you have paid. For that you need to check their service plans and terms and conditions on spare parts if any. In short, you need to verify the proven track record of the machinery supplier before you choose.
    That should even include their financial stability as it will affect their ability to manufacture and/or ship machines without any delay.

    Know The Supplier Team

    The sales representative will be your first point of contact in a company. You need to make sure they are technically well knowledgeable, cooperative, patient and ready to clear all your doubts on machinery and support you throughout.
    They should be able to assist you and suggest the machines that suits your requirements. Also, you need to make sure that the sales and service team of the machinery supplier are well factory trained and whether they are capable of training your staff.

    Visit The Company

    It’s not practical to choose a machine just by seeing the brochure or a video. You need to visit the company of the machinery supplier, get an understanding about the machines they deal with, if possible, get an on-site demonstration to check if the machine suits your requirements, as well as the standing of the company in the UAE market. This will help you to understand how trustworthy the company is.

    Machinery Warranty

    A machinery warranty is a company’s written assurance on what you can expect on the service or part replacement when the machine fails to work, or the parts get broken. A good machinery supplier will offer warry on their products for a minimum of 12 months from the date of purchase.


    After-sales service is highly important, and it should be on the top of the checklist before choosing your ideal machinery supplier. Your machinery supplier should be able to provide you with technicians whenever you are in need and not just on a day when they come on your route.
    Not only is the visit of the technician important, but you also must make sure you have full access to the technician on-time incase of any urgent requirement that arises. Upon expiry of the warranty, some companies have an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) system, where they provide after sales service after the guarantee period at a discounted price. This will be a lot cheaper that paying the technician for each visit and will help you save a lot of money.

    Rental Options

    Hiring machines is the best decision when it comes to your short-term requirements. You don’t have to spend a lot of money when you have the option to rent. There are a lot of rental machines suppliers available in the UAE market. These machinery suppliers would offer short-term, long-term rentals depending on your requirements at convenient payment terms.
    Not only this will help you save a lot of money, but also it will prevent the machine from getting damaged by being kept aside for a longer time after your use. By renting machines, you will be able to make use of the most advanced machinery at an affordable price for your projects which would indirectly contribute to the quality of your job.

    In conclusion, if you take into consideration all the aforesaid points, you will automatically get away from companies that make false promises on the quality of the machines as well as who offer poor service which will eventually give you a big headache. When it comes to machines that require consumables, it's always a good opinion to choose machinery suppliers who stock and sell both.
    There are many advantages in that case. You will get the machinery and its consumable at a good price, and you don’t have to search and run around once your consumable is completely over. Some good machinery suppliers will offer a couple of free consumables to their customers.
    Also, it’s always best to use consumables that’s recommended by the manufacturers and the suppliers who stock both consumables and its machinery will adhere to the required standards.

    We hope this article would have given you some insights on choosing the right machinery suppliers for your requirement.

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