Why Should You Switch to a Laser Cutting Machine?

Why Should You Switch to a Laser Cutting Machine?

    Why Should You Switch to a Laser Cutting Machine?

    What is Laser Cutting?

    Laser cutting is one of the most modern cutting techniques available today. It’s a thermal process wherein a dedicated beam of laser is applied to melt down a material in the specified area to be cut. The machines that make use of this technique are simply called laser cutting machines. The molten material is ejected using a co-axial material and a kerf is being created. The laser beam or workpiece is moved under CNC control to create a continuous cut. This is how the process of laser cutting works with the laser cutting machine.

    The Laser Cutting Process in Detail

    The laser cutting process involves a very high power laser beam that’s passed through the optics and CNC thereby directing the beam on material. A motion control system is used to follow the computer numerical control (CNC)of the pattern to be cut. The laser beam that is focused on the material then burns and melts down and further vaporizes by gas thereby leaving a top-quality finished surface.

    Have you ever wondered how the laser beam was created?

    The lasing materials are stimulated through the electric discharges inside a fully closed box or container, and it is reflected inside through a part mirror which will cause amplification till it gains sufficient energy to discharge as a cascade of consistent monochromatic light. 

    The diameter of a finest laser beam can usually be below 0.0125 inches, whereas the widths of a kerf could be as tiny as 0.004 inches based on the thickness of the material.

    Different Types of Laser Cutting

    Laser cutting is of three main types - fusion cutting, flame cutting and finally remote cutting. An inert gas, usually nitrogen, is made use to flush out molten material out of the Kerf in Fusion cutting. Since nitrogen doesn’t react with the material that is molten, it will not contribute to the input energy. When it comes to flame cutting, oxygen is made use of. Oxygen helps to exert force on the molten material thereby creating an exothermic reaction. This exothermic reaction will help to increase the input energy of the process.  The process is entirely different in remote cutting wherein the material is evaporated in partial. This partial evaporation happens with the help of a laser beam which is of high intensity thereby allowing the sheets which are thin to get cut. Here in this process, there is no gas used to assist. 

    What makes CNC laser cutting most popular?

    Computer Numerical Control (CNC) laser cutting machine with the help of computer controlled systems which help to focus the high power laser beam to identify, mark, cut and engrave the work piece to get the desired result. The CNC controls help to deliver accurate results when working extremely small holes and complicated shapes. 

    Main Advantages of Laser Cutting Machines

    Extreme level of accuracy, proper squareness of edges and control of heat inputs gives the laser cutting process high demand over other similar profile cutting techniques.  Many most modern laser cutting machines are available in today’s market for cutting metals, wood etc.  Laser cutting machines can be automated with CAD or CAM systems which control 3 axis flatbread systems or 6 axis systems for 3-dimensional cutting.

    Characteristics of laser cutting

    With laser cutting machines, it's possible to cut carbon manganese steel, stainless steel, aluminum up to 20mm, 12mm and 10mm respectively.  Apart from the above materials, laser cutting is also possible on brass, titanium, thermoplastic, wood and many other non-metals.

    Benefits of Laser cutting

    Now let’s discuss the benefits of laser cutting machines. Laser cutting is one of the most popular and widely accepted cutting techniques available in today’s market. Precision and finishing in cutting are the most important factors that made laser cutting popular. It offers extremely good quality cutting. Whether the material to be cut is simple or complicated, the laser cutting machines are highly flexible and provide the result in no time. Laser cutting offers a non-contact approach and hence there is no question blemishing arises.  A very low heat beam is the input of laser cutting technique and hence the probability of distortion is also very low. Last but not the least, laser cutting process can be applied to almost all kinds of materials and hence it has become widely popular in the market.

    CNC Laser Cutting Machines: Who can help you?

    The ease of use, the perfection of results delivered makes CNC laser cutting machines the most popular in the manufacturing industry. Choosing the right CNC machines from a reputed brand will not only ensure quality in the process but also ensures durability of the machine. In addition, there are certain points not to miss when choosing to purchase a CNC laser cutting machine.

    Machine Weight

    In normal cases, CNC machines are built with aluminum, iron or polymer composites. Like we mentioned above, when we concentrate on the durability of the machine, iron-built machines are the most widely chosen for heavy tasks.

    Bigger Work Radius

    Work radius is very important when it comes to delivering accurate cutting. Always try to choose CNC laser cutting machines with larger work radius which will cover the area beyond the workpiece.

    Machine Speed

    In technical terms, the speed of the machines is synonymous to the feed rate. Always choose machines with better feed rate so that it will help you cut the materia=ls at that rate during the process.

    Spare Parts

    Machine breakdowns are common, and you should always foresee the possibilities. Always purchase a machine from a reputable brand or a dealer who distributes high quality machines and who has excellent trained service technicians to support you in such situations.  Authorized dealers will always have spare parts in stock or will have provision to get it in a short span of time.

    Power Utilization

    Always check the power utilization details and make necessary additions in our factory to enable proper working of the machine.  

    CNC Cutting machines could be expensive. But when you weigh the benefits and advantages and the time consumed to complete your work to the money spent, you may feel it is worth every penny. To add on,  purchasing these CNC machines from an authorized dealer will reduce any hassle you will come across. 

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