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Bandsaw Pivot type

Our partner MEGA machines has been specializing in producing and serving customers with bandsaw machine, NC circular saw machine, thread rolling machine from the ‘80s.

MEGA manufacturers Pivot type Bandsaws, H series Column type, Circular saw, Thread rolling machines, CNC worm & thread grinding machine. The Pivot type bandsaws comes in 3 versions which are Fully Automatic, Semi Automatic and Mitre cutting machines. There are various models available defined on basis of the cutting capacity and features. The Column type also comes in Full Auto, Semi Auto, ingot billet cutting, NC type, Miter cutting and also has a special model for cutting heat exchanger tube bundles.

Circular saws from MEGA are renowned worldwide for their build quality and performance. High speed precision cutting with an almost ground finish surface and excellent repeatability has been made possible by numeric control, servo motor feeding cut-off and bar feed, and vastly improved carbide saw blade.

MEGA also manufactures a wide range of through feed & in feed hydraulic heavy duty thread rolling machines in effect a cold forging process and forms the fibers of the metal instead of cutting it. The advantage of this process is not only that it is the most rapid and accurate method of producing commercial screw threads in large quantity but also that it results in greater tensile strength, shear strength and resistance to wear than threads produce by the cutting process.

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