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Folding Machines

At YES Machinery, we supply high quality folding machines from CIDAN Machinery, SWEDEN which help you to achieve 100% precision in your job with the benefit of less time requirement and cost. Main Features of our Power Folding Machines would include: Fast start up time, Fast setup, leaves no marking, Low noise etc.

CIDAN’s unique solution COMBI Beam model is known for its easy and fast automatic tool changes. When folding large parts from the back of the machine, you will have an abundance of free space behind the clamping beam and tools. Mechanical locking of the combi beam and a mechanical tooling lock makes it exceptionally easy to change tools. The Combi beam offers flexibility like no other tooling system, appropriate when folding all types of parts; boxes, trays, complex profiles and special applications. The tool change is programmed in the control system, when it is time to change tools the upper beam will automatically raise to its maximum height and the automatic rotation maneuver is initiated by the operator via the foot pedal.

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