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Maho is specialized in manufacturing Pneumatic , Hydraulic & Electric Tapping machines and relative accessories including tap holder and quick change Tapping chuck from over 20 years. Our Tapping machines are very easy to use, quick reach thanks to its efficient manipulator designed arms. There are different models available in all 3 versions on basis of the hole dia possible, the max reach , speed etc. The latest electric models are programmable and very good for tapping blind holes as the length can be programmed and it has auto reverse function increasing the productivity.

Our pneumatic version has different models that can tap hole dia ranging from M2 to M30. The electric version has models that can tap hole dia ranging from M3 to M32 and the hydraulic version has models that goes from M3 to M60. The models have different reach, we have various models operating within a Rmin of 200 mm to Rmax of 1900 mm. Kindly check with our sales engineer for the right model for your application.