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Vehicle Exhaust Extraction in UAE Vehicle Fume Extraction

Plymovent manufactures vehicle exhaust extraction systems which ensure clean air in the work environment of vehicle mechanics and fire fighters.

Diesel engines, used in fire trucks, produce a mixture of toxic gases and particulates from the combustion process. These hazardous vehicle exhaust emissions in a fire station are one of a firefighter’s most significant cancer health risk and a serious legal liability for the fire department. It is essential to create healthy and safe working conditions by reducing these risks. Protective measures are an important aspect of this.

Eliminate this hazard from your fire station with our vehicle exhaust capture and removal systems. From existing stations to new design-built, our totally automatic start-up and disconnect source capture systems are the recommended method for controlling exhaust emissions in your station.

Our systems are used by Bus / Truck repair shops, Car Garages, Fire & Emergency stations, Military facilities etc.

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