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Welding Curtains are not only fitted with eyelets all around, they also have the unique snap fastener system on both vertical sides. You can interconnect the curtains endlessly with this system.

YES Machinery offer a large range of welding light filtration products like welding curtains that filter harmful welding light. Our products have been approved according to the European EN-1598 standard and are regularly retested and re-certified company in UAE. Therefore customers are always assured of obtaining a safe product from Yes machinery.


  • Endless Interconnectivity
  • Easy to Click & Replace
  • A range of Standard Colors
  • Meets the Highest Standards
  • Competitively Priced
  • Excellent Protection of Bystanders
  • One size : 6′ x 6′
  • Meets EN-1598 standard


    Fit with 7 sealed eyelets at the top (each 1′) , eyelets on both sides and bottom (each 2′), and 5 snap fasteners on each side for interconnecting, with a material thickness of 14 mil. A set of 7 steel rings is also provided for hanging the curtain on a 1″ tube. Curtain size 6′ x 6′. Packed in a poly bag, 10 curtains per cardboard box. We supplies two different colors: Orange-CE, and Green-6. A good view from work area increases the safety and eliminates feelings of isolation of the welder.


    Best possible protection for bystanders in welding areas meeting the highest standard in this field: EN-1598. This European standard guarantees safety for your workers. This fulfill its stringent

    Requirements On :

    • UV Filtration
    • UV Reflection
    • UV Stability
    • Self Extuinguishing Properties